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Membership FAQ

Cheyenne Ski Club Closed to New Membership due to Board Inactivity


  • We encourage all members to take an active part in our club. Check with any Board Member if you would like to become a Trip Leader, Board Member, help with the website, social activities, media, advertising, marketing or communication. We have a number of other activities where assistance is needed which don’t require the commitment of leading a trip.

  • Our meetings begin at 6:30 PM on the first and third Thursday of the month, beginning in November and running through April. Check the club calendar for details.

  • We offer memberships for $25 per adult (18 & over) for the year.  Children under the age of 18, accompanied by an adult member of the club are FREE.

  • Membership is required for all trips and activities.  Occasionally, the club will offer an outing not requiring membership to let a person see if our club is something they would be interested in joining.   All activities, whether you are a member or not, require a signed liability release form.


  • When participating in Alpine trips, equipment rental is often available in town or at the ski area itself. This will give you an opportunity to try several different skis and boots before you spend the big bucks for your own gear.

  • In regards to Nordic trips, these are usually back-country trips, and you will be required to rent gear before leaving for the trip.

  • Please coordinate with your trip captain should you have additional questions regarding required gear.

  • Accommodations vary from dorm-type ski lodges to hotels to very nice condominiums, depending on availability and cost at the destination. Nordic trips often stay in cabins or lodges.

  • Lift tickets are additional. Experience has shown that we can’t find a “one-size-fits-all” lift ticket to include in the package price. Some people ski only one day, some insist on skiing every moment possible. By not including lift tickets, everyone pays the same price for the basic trip. If there is a group discount available, the Trip Leader will purchase the tickets and any savings will be passed on to you. Separate discount packages may be available during the fall for the particular trips you have in mind.

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